Compressed Air Systems Monitoring


Cooper Freer can offer a range of system monitoring solutions offering you peace of mind when it comes to your compressed air systems.
Our service plans can be specifically tailored to your requirements to regularly inspect your machines to ensure they are running to their optimum capabilities.


Cooper freer can offer the very latest smart link technology where your Atlas systems performance can be monitored remotely. This live reporting can increase uptime, improve the overall health of your unit and provide recommendations for improving the energy efficiency.


Energy efficiency

SMARTLINK offers easy follow-up of the energy consumption of your compressed air installation. Get a quick overview on the dashboard or delve deeper into customized reports. Uniquely based on the actual working conditions of your machines, recommendations present real opportunities to improve the efficiency of your air system.


If an issue comes up, SMARTLINK prompts you to take action. An early response is the best way to avoid unexpected downtime!

Overall health

Ensuring your machines are in good shape AND will stay that way: isn’t that what it’s all about? SMARTLINK tracks all the vital signs of your compressed air equipment and makes them available to you, anywhere, anytime. For your machines, staying in shape means on-time service. The service timeline shows you the service needs of every machine, planned visits and clear service reports.

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