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The Atlas Copco range of Automan piston compressors are a compact and reliable source of compressed air,

ideal for applications in workshops, bodyshops, garages and small businesses who want a reliable source of compressed air at an affordable price. They come with a selection of air receivers, both horizontal and vertical.

Some models come with handles and wheels for mobility, as well as petrol and diesel versions, handy for wherever you need to take them.

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AF High grade aluminum piston compressors

AF High grade aluminum piston compressors
(1.5-8.1 kW)

For applications with a high emphasis on mobility and reliability our range of Atlas Copco AF aluminum piston compressors is here to help!


Manufactured from high-grade aluminium alloy – material which can be found in high-performance car engines, the AF piston compressors ensures exceptional heat transfer capabilities and high tensile strengths


The direct drive electric motor offers a built-in overload protection from maintenance-free operations.

AC Belt drive piston compressors

AC Belt drive piston compressors
(1.5-8.1 kW)

Our range of AC belt drive piston compressors were designed to offer a solid source of compressed air with a high durability.

Cast iron cylinders with low-speed pistons have traditionally been recognized for their durability.

Ideal for workshops, body shops and small industrial users.

Our Atlas Copco range of Automan compressors offer mobility and safety.

They are built to be a compact and reliable source of compressed air, adaptable for its user’s needs.

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G2 7 oil injected rotary screw compressor
G 7 FF Small Industry Compressor

G2-7 oil injected rotary screw compressor

If you looking to expend or need an upgrade from a piston compressor for your workshop the G series is the best choice!

The G2-7 models are the smallest rotary screw compressors in our portfolio, but don’t worry they offer an outstanding performance and reliability. The G is designed to run continuous hours, even through ambient temperatures, up to 46°C.

Main advantages:

Low noise levels:

The G 2-7 operates at 61-67 decibels, therefore there is no need for a separate room for it to operate, making it barely noticeable

Easy to use:

Easy to operate thanks to its Elektronikon® Base controller.

Outstanding performance:

The G 2-7 can operate 24/7, meaning no need for cooldown periods.


The G 2-7 does not only reduce your operating cost, but it also reduces your carbon footprint, contributing to a greener environment.

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