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Compressed Air Filters

Untreated compressed air can be contaminated by dust, water and oil. This makes filtration a crucial component of your air system. Atlas Copco has developed filtration solutions that protect your air-powered tools, your processes, and your final products. Our extensive offer includes different filter types and a range of purity grades to meet your specific requirements.

Choosing the right filter is important and you want to get it right to optimally protect your system and minimize your investment costs. Talk to one of ours sales engineers today, to help you find the best choice for your application.

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DDp145 filtration

Advanced filtration technology

Filtration technology matters if you need constant air quality with low maintenance requirements. Over the years, Atlas Copco has innovated filter types, design, processes and media to give you best-in-class performance, reliability and lifetime.

Rigorous quality control

To ensure top performance and reliability, all Atlas Copco filters are subjected to rigorous internal and external certification and quality control. Thanks to our testing facility, we conduct all certification inhouse, including testing witnessed by independent parties. Capable of testing filters according to all relevant standards and under real-life conditions, our competence continues to grow with every new development in the filtration business

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