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Water is often formed in a compressed air circuit, but it can have serious consequences.

Many tools and equipment, driven by compressed air, cannot withstand moisture, nor can many products which are processed using compressed air. We offer a range of compressed air dryers to remove moisture from the air.

Dryer Desiccant DB Plus
Dryer Desiccant DB 300 02
Dryer Desiccant AD 480
Dryer Desiccant DB 1100

A dry compressed air system is essential to maintain the reliability of production processes and the quality of your end products.

Untreated air can cause corrosion in pipe work, premature failure of pneumatic equipment, and product spoilage. Atlas Copco’s desiccant dryers produce dry compressed air in a reliable and energy efficient way while protecting your systems and processes.

Dryer Desiccant DB Plus 02
Dryer Desiccant CD 850

High reliability

Compressed air entering the air net is always 100% saturated. When it cools, the moisture will condense, causing damage to your air system and finished products. Removing moisture from compressed air with a pressure dewpoint as low as -40°C/-40°F, Atlas Copco desiccant dryers eliminate system failures, production downtime and costly repairs.

Competitive performance

A dewpoint down to -40°C/-40°F together with simple and easy controls guarantee the dryer operates in the best way possible.

Robust and compact design

  • Standard frame, including forklift slots and lifting eyes for easy handling.
  • Vessel connecting flanges are integrated into the top and bottom shells, lowering the total unit height.

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