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We provide a range of oil-free air blowers for all your low pressure compressed air needs, including aeration for clean water or waste water treatment plants, as well as for fermentation and pneumatic conveying.

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Water Treatment Blowers

Wastewater Treatment Plants

The reliable design of ZL blowers makes it possible to install them where you need them, i.e. close to the technology, even outdoors. No need for a dedicated blower room, the ZL blower drives the capital costs for the whole WWTP down. Easy maintenance in regular intervals give you ease-of-mind for the total plants’ lifetime.

Cement Industry Blowers

Cement Industry

Whether you need a blower for pneumatic transport of solid fuel, for main combustion air or for lance cooling air, the ZL unit is strong enough to cope with these demands. Though the environment in cement plant is often harsh and dusty, the ZL lobe blower´s proven element with sturdy frame will provide trouble-free operation.

Food and Beverage Blowers

Food and Beverage

In the Food and Beverage industry, it is crucial to keep the quality of the product high ensuring no contamination from foreign particles or unfit materials. The Food certificate ensures that all ZL blower parts are suitable for use in this industry.

ZL 2 VSD Blower

Durable and reliable source of oil-free air

Operation in high-ambient temperature environment or at high altitude is not an issue for ZL blowers. The cooling system and integrated safety and start-up valve contribute to trouble-free operation during the lifetime of the blower.

User friendly operation - closely monitored

Integrated VSD controller with Elektronikon® Mk5 panel provides user-friendly operation and total observance of blower condition.

ZL 2 VSD Blower angle

Oil-free rotary lobe blowers ZL

The positive displacement principle with fix characteristics makes the product suitable for tons of applications. Whether it is pneumatic transport of granulates, fluidization of silos, aeration process in wastewater treatment plants or process air in chemical plants; the ZL blowers bring reliable, uninterrupted operation around the clock.

ZB 5 6 VSD Blower

The ZB blower
Unique design with proven efficiency

With its new generation of ZB magnetic bearing turbo blowers, Atlas Copco releases one of the most efficient oil-free turbo blower in the market in all aspects. Paired with the highest efficiency, the ZB range proves an uncompilable reliability and lifetime with its unsensitivity to process changes.

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