Frequently Asked Questions by Cooper Freer Customers


Do you service compressors which are not made by Atlas Copco?

Yes, at Cooper Freer we service any kind of compressor, even if it was not bought from us or installed by us. Contact us today for a quote.

Do you supply spare parts?

Yes, Cooper Freer has access to a whole range of Genuine Atlas Copco Spares and can offer genuine and high quality equivalent spare parts for most major manufacturers.

Do you offer a service plan for sites?

Yes, we have a range of service plans that can be tailored to your precise operational requirements, call our team today to arrange a visit and quotation.

Do you have compressors in stock?

Yes, we hold stock of a range of machines ranging from single phase piston machines, 3phase screw compressors from 2 to 15kw and VSD units we also hold a full range of dryers and filtration equipment to compliment this. We have access to the stock at mini-clipper and we hold a range of compressors and ancillary equipment in our warehouse in Leicester, this is based our current customer base and almost 50 years of local industrial partnerships. There is also a possibility of stock held by Atlas Copco in the central warehouse which can be delivered anywhere in the UK.

Is there a monitoring system for the compressors?

Yes, we can offer Atlas Copco’s Smartlink, to see if this is a viable solution for your compressor, please call us.

How Do I Control Contaminants in My Compressed Air System?

It’s important to have an effective air filtration system to keep your compressed air clean. Through a range dryer and filtration solutions we can achieve the air quality that you require be it for spray painting or medical applications.

If you are struggling with condensate management please call to arrange a survey appointment or discussion on the wide array of solutions we can offer

Do I Need an Air Dryer in Addition to My Air Compressor?

Adding the correct dryer solution to your system is on the whole a sound investment, by removing the condensate that your compressor produces you are protecting your airlines and any equipment you may be using from damage or wear that this may potentially cause, that said you may not need the highly expensive 0-0-0 class of air for your application which is why cooper freer offer bespoke packages tailored to your exact business needs.

How long is the lifetime of a compressor and how can it be extended?

Like anything mechanical there is a life span involved and with compressors it’s the same, regular servicing inspections and using quality oil and spares is paramount to achieve maximum life span. Other factors can dictate this too such as the environment your compressor is in and if it is working beyond its capabilities. This is just another reason why it is important to not only have the right system for your current and any future expansion workings but the right service plan to match.

I'm struggling to get enough air all of a sudden?

This could be down to a number of factors, have you added a new outlet or piece of equipment? Have you check for air leaks? have you added something new and are running on a single line air supply? If you are at all unsure Cooper Freer can offer site surveys, Airscan leak detection and itrak system audits to identify and resolve your issues.

Do you only offer compressors?

No Cooper Freer offer a range of products including but not limited to the very latest in Atlas Copco compressed air and nitrogen products, a range of pneumatics from most major manufacturers, air lines, fittings, air tools, tubing and a whole lot more, call us today to see how we can support your business.


Below you’ll find a variety of calculators intended to provide assistance when measuring on-site conditions and determining equipment specifications.

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