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Cooper Freer are the compressed air experts in the East Midlands

Whether you need a small piston compressor for a workshop, larger industrial compressors for a manufacturing plant, or aeration blowers for a waste water treatment facility, we can help you select the right equipment to get the job done. Our professional team understands the basic needs of your production equipment, and how to keep your productivity levels high and your operating costs as low as possible. With their extensive knowledge and decades of experience in the compressed air industry, Cooper Freer engineers install some of the best equipment available, complete with air treatment and piping. Cooper Freer also provides air compressor repairs and routine maintenance service, as well as the correct parts for your air compressor or blower, regardless of the brand. Cooper Freer is part of Atlas Copco Compressors. We provide compressed air equipment sales, rental, parts and maintenance all across Leicestershire and the surrounding counties, including Leicester, as well as Nottingham, Derby, Corby, Peterborough and Lincoln.



Cooper Freer

Cooper Freer was an Atlas Copco distributor for over 15 years and, since 2021, is a company within the Atlas Copco Group serving the manufacturing and water industries in the Midlands With over 45 years of experience in the industry, we have a team of highly qualified and factory trained professionals who ensure to deliver the best customer services.



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Don’t hesitate to contact Cooper Freer for Your High Quality Air Compressor Servicing Needs

Don’t hesitate to contact Cooper Freer for Your High Quality Air Compressor Servicing Needs Cooper Freer Compressors is one of the largest providers of compressed air equipment and compressed air…